Golden Squad NFT Collection

Golden Squad NFT Collection

Golden Squad NFT Collection

Golden Squad is a P2E game that enables football fans to own football player cards and makes money through different game modes or by trading cards between players and most importantly each player will be earning passive income from his NFT. What makes us different than any other project in the space is that each NFT is valuable it doesn’t matter how rare it is, you will still earn passive income from your cards and you will be able to sell it for a very high price sometimes because it will be very important for somebody else’s squad and without that card he won’t be able to complete his Golden Squad.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Are you a football fan?

Who is your favorite player?

We are a group of ambitious professionals with professional football experience! 

we aspire to improve the industry and let every single football fan leave his

 footprint on the real football industry and his favorite team.

What is your favorite club?

You Can Mint Them, Meet Them & Support Them.

Game Modes

Card Holders

Each player will earn Golden Squad tokens from his card based on the performance 

of the players in real life.

  • Goals & Assist
  • Man of the match
  • Total of minutes the players played

Online Match

Players can participate in daily live matches or tournaments organized by the game 

management by teaming up together to create a squad of players that already have

a squad, the winner of each game will earn Golden Squad Tokens that can be 

swapped for crypto. The game will be virtual and winners will win based on how strong

 is their squad in terms of player cards’ rarity, the chemistry between players and

 formations, matches will be random Squad Vs Squad. 

Cards Types

Each player of the premier league has a different card type, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo has a rare, super rare, and unique card. there are common players that have a rare and super rare card it all depends on how good is the player in real life.


Common 500


Unique 1


Rare 100

icon beckham

Icon 100


Super Rare 50


Coach 500


Social Media

Create Discord server.

Launch Instagram account.

Launch Twitter account.

Launch Official Website.

NFT listing

Listing on marketplaces.

Early-bird Sale

Early-bird sale to our 500 whitelisted.

Announcing giveaways to our discord community.

Pre-sale / Token

 Launching our pre-sale.

List Golden Squad Token on marketplaces​.

Public Mint

Public Mint.
Revealing the premier league NFT.
Launching Golden Squad Podcast.


Airdrop of Golden Squad Tokens to 100
holders of Golden Squad NFT.
Launch La Liga Santander NFT Collection.


Send signed t-shirts/balls for cardholders of icons / unique.
Launch La ligue 1 NFT Collection.


Launch Serie A and BundesLiga NFTs.


Ticket and hotel stay to 10 holders to attend final of the champions league.
Launch MLS & Eredivisie NFTs.


Game testing by active members of our community.
Announce our collaboration with global sports / football brands.
Launch Brasileiro and Mexican League and NFTs.


Sign deals with football icons and football superstars to be our brand ambassadors.
Launch Turkish League and Saudi League NFTs.


Launch the world cup special NFTs.
Giveaway to 10 holders of tickets and hotel stay to attend the world cup final.


1,000,000 USD giveaway to 1 holder of Golden Squad NFT or iPhone 13 to 1,000 holders of Golden Squad NFT ( to be decided by our community through voting).


Giveaway of flight tickets and hotel stays to X holders to attend the event of the launch of the game.
The event of launching the game.
10 holders of Unique or Icon cards will meet the player in real life.

Our Golden Squad


  • Early Bird sale – 2th of March at 13:00 UTc.
  • Presale – 5th of March at 13:00 UTc
  • Public sale – 10th of of March at 13:00 UTc
  • Join our Discord for the most up to date information:
  • Early-Bird – 6.7 Matic
  • Presale – 16.6 Matic
  • Public sale – 26.5 Matic
  • No, our NFT collection is on Polygon blockchain so the gas fees will be almost 0.